Mijia Honeywell Gas & Smoke Detector Alarm Warning System

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Smoke detection
Fire alarm
Fire smoke alarm
Remote notifications
CCC certification of fire protection products

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    Long-term protection, high quality
    The Mijia Honeywell Smoke Detector is high quality high sensitivity methane gas detector. It is made of refractory material (oxygen index> 35), is stable. The sensor quickly reacts to danger and is very durable. With advanced digital data processing technologies, standardization and temperature compensation, the monitoring of the gas level (methane) in the room was achieved. Sensor can be used separately for alert. Other functions require connection to an updated version of the Gateway.
    Gas leak alert protection and safety of family life
    Mijia Honeywell Smoke Detector sensor is a specialized gas detection and alert device. This is confirmed by the certificate of CCCF fire safety. When the amount of gas in the controlled zone reaches a dangerous limit, the sensor sends light-sound signals, as well as an alert to the smartphone. We conduct strict device checks for your safety.
    *Push notification function is available when binding to Gateway or air conditioner.
    Timely remote alert
    Control the situation in the house regardless of the current location. Once the smoke concentration exceeds the allowed value, the Mijia Honeywell Smoke Detector starts the alarm and the paired gateway sends the alert to the smartphone. You will be able to learn about the danger and take measures to eliminate it, wherever you are.
    Early detection of the fire to protect family safety
    Using advanced optical labyrinth design, it can sensitively detect smoke particles produced by fire, detect the fire in the first time and trigger an alarm to guard the safety of family and property.
    MIUI device alarm, Mi Home APP remote control silence
    When a dangerous situation is detected, a strong alarm will be sent out through the various MIUI devices you use; if a false alarm occurs, you can use the Mi Home APP to realize Bluetooth remote silence and check the product status and logs.
    *Remote control silence requires the mobile phone to be used close to the device.
    *MIUI device alarm needs to be turned on in the APP.
    High decibel reminder to help deal with dangerous situations early
    When a fire is detected, an alarm sound exceeding 80dB(A) will be emitted within 3 meters, allowing people to respond quickly and deal with it in a timely manner.
    Connect the camera to view the danger in real time
    When a fire is detected, the video can be recorded by a smart camera connected to the nearby Bluetooth network and pushed to the Mijia APP to check the situation in real time and eliminate the fire in its infancy. Connecting products (cameras) need to be purchased separately.
    The details show good quality, more peace of mind
    Long battery life: It can be used for 5 years under normal conditions to achieve long-term security.
    Anti-UV material: It is not easy to turn yellow after long-term use.
    Insect-proof design: block the intrusion of foreign objects to ensure sensitive and accurate detection.
    Two installation methods, simple and convenient
    Xiaomi Smoke Sense Guard can be installed with screws or paste, and choose according to the actual situation at home and personal habits.
    Suggested installation location
    The alarm can be installed on the ceiling or inclined; if it needs to be installed on a sloping or diamond-shaped roof, the inclination angle should not be greater than 45 degrees, and a distance of 50cm is better.
    Setup method
    1. Open the Mi home APP and log in to your account
    2. Click the "+" in the upper right corner of the Mi home APP homepage to enter the add device page
    3. Click "Scan" in the upper right corner of the add device page, scan the QR code in the product manual and follow the instructions on the page to complete the device addition and use.

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